VEIL ON, VEIL OFF by John Marcus Powell


With hands on what felt like the remnants
of each other's waists,
and looking into what had to be
the ruins of each other's faces.
we jigged a waltz, not fixed in space.


The style is one-of-a-kind, they-broke-the-mold, genre-less, self-tailored, one-size fits-no-one-but-, one-line-barely-fits-in-the-margins-of-the-goddamned-page. Perhaps those who have heard the tone and timber of the live voice will be less surprised by the switchbacks and U-turns, by the comet trails and off-the-map collisions of these line of print—but even they will never entirely escape from delicious bewilderments when confronted with the irrefutable evidence of these unruly texts jostling for paper parking space.
(R. NEMO HILL / author, In No Man's Ear)


Perfect Bound
Illustrations by JULIO M. PEREA
105 pages