TURN by Ann Drysdale

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The iron and the water shall lie beside one another
head to feet on the moon-mat at the threshold
keeping watch on the darkness that meteors may visit,
sudden and silent, and in their own good time.


"Ann Drysdale's poetry is a field in which wit, literacy, intelligence and humanity play a straight bat against the bodyline bowling of a well-observed mortality. At its most relaxed it indulges a crafty whimsicality that invites comparison with Hilaire Belloc, Dorothy Parker and Stevie Smith but in times of stress (and Drysdale is no escapist) a sterner discipline comes into play and reveals her to be more properly set in the line of Hardy, Graves and Auden. Besides this, she is a stunning technician."

"I like all Ann Drysdale’s poems; they are such friendly poems, so satisfying to spend time with. They know what they are about and get on with it."

"Ann Drysdale has a way of adding wit to form that turns the poem on the page from a squib to an arc-welder. Don't underestimate her apparent smooth urbanity. This is the work of a real upsetter."


Staple Bound Chapbook
23 pages