POOLS OF JUNE by Mary Meriam


In this collection, filled with linguistic surprises and narrative leaps, Meriam upends the charm, ghazal, pantoum and sonnet to deliver poems of extraordinary originality. The erotic and a passionate connection to the natural world inform Meriam's agile, imaginative poems.
-Robin Becker, author of The Black Bear Inside Me

The quality of freshness is not strained in Mary Meriam's work. Vision, hearing and form interact in these poems to convey a sense of beauty and purpose. It takes a deft touch to kindle a new wick. How far this poet's candle casts its light in a dark world.
-Alfred Corn, author of Unions

The translucent materials of the natural world that frequent Meriam's ontological homes, owl-call her rich wisdom on the nature of life and existence to return to its queenly throne.
-Vi Khi Nao

Possessed of a voice both starkly candid and utterly otherworldly, Mary Meriam inhabits the varied forms of these extraordinary poems as naturally as a tree wears its leaves.
-Mark McDonnell


Perfect Bound
80 pages