LET ME BE LIKE GLASS by Adriana Scopino


I have a thousand things in my heart
but I'm only going to tell you three...


Adriana Scopino is a superb guide to the labyrinth of childhood. Her lines are so lithe and exact, they feel like intuitions that have not yet been hammered into words. LET ME BE LIKE GLASS is a beautiful work and a reminder of Antonio Porchia's thought that 'only infancy is eternal.'
(D. NURSKE / author, Burnt Island; former poet laureate of Brooklyn)

Adriana Scopino owns the lightning and gathers the music. Simultaneously & miraculously both bold and careful, the poems in LET ME BE LIKE GLASS see clearly, then hit you, not-quite-gently, upside the head. Gorgeous dynamite.
(ELINOR NAUEN / author, Ladies, Start Your Engines: Women Writers on Cars and the Road.)


Staple Bound Chapbook
27 pages